The FTB Podcast is a current events discussion show produced in Montreal by the Forget the Box Media Collective, a non-profit which also publishes daily original content on

Our panel consists of members of the Montreal community and the FTB family with something to say. Our topics are local, national and global and range from news and politics to the arts to lifestyle issues. Our perspective is generally left of centre and our approach is frequently a fun and unique.

We started in 2015 as an audio-only podcast and added the video version in 2016. We are currently on break and will return June 4th with a live audio version every second Sunday followed by a video version 2-3 days later, with hopes of turning it into a fully live video podcast.

Host: Jason C. McLean

Audio Producer: Hannah Besseau

Video Producer: Enzo Sabbagha

* Please note: This site currently contains our video podcasts, audio podcasts are being added to the archive